• Fiona McIntosh: Voyager Author of the Month

    Fiona McIntosh was born and raised in Sussex in the UK, but also spent early childhood years in West Africa. She left a PR career in London to travel and settled in Australia in 1980. She has since roamed the world working for her own travel publishing company, which she runs with her husband. She lives in Adelaide with her husband and twin sons. Her website is at www.fionamcintosh.com.

    Her latest book, The Scrivener's Tale, is a stand-alone and takes us back to the world of Morgravia from her very first series, The Quickening:

    About The Scrivener's Tale:

    In the bookshops and cafes of present-day Paris, ex-psychologist Gabe Figaret is trying to put his shattered life back together. When another doctor, Reynard, asks him to help with a delusional female patient, Gabe is reluctant... until he meets her. At first Gabe thinks the woman, Angelina, is merely terrified of Reynard, but he quickly discovers she is not quite what she seems.

    As his relationship with Angelina deepens, Gabe's life in Paris becomes increasingly unstable. He senses a presence watching and following every move he makes, and yet he finds Angelina increasingly irresistible.

    When Angelina tells Gabe he must kill her and flee to a place she calls Morgravia, he is horrified. But then Angelina shows him that the cathedral he has dreamt about since childhood is real and exists in Morgravia.

    A special 10th Anniversary edition of her first fantasy book, Myrren's Gift, will be released in December!



Crafty work from a Peter V Brett fan


Peter V Brett ran a competition on his website recently called ‘Homemade Heroes’. Fans could make images of their favourite characters  – and scenes – from the book. Above and below are a couple of photos of the AMAZING winning entry by Mia.

Sharik Hora …

Mindblowing! If you haven’t already read ‘The Desert Spear’ where you really get into the culture and people behind ‘alagai sharak’ then you SHOULD and you’ll know that these pics are an amazing and creepy representation of some of those scenes in which the Krasian temple features.

For more pictures of the winning entry, click here.

And click here too so you can see more of the entry photos on Peter’s blog.

Have you got any artwork of your favourite characters or scenes from books?

Best costume award goes to …

Peter V Brett is off to Portugal today to go to, among other things, Forum Fantastico, and meet fans of The Painted Man and The Desert Spear.

If you’re not going to Portugal to see him (and fair enough, it’s not cheap to go to Europe though with the rising Aussie dollar things are looking good) then spend a bit of time on his website to see how some of his fans dressed up for Hallowe’en (imagine their pillows in the morning) … and one super tattoo from Dave of Dave’s Fantasy and SF website.

Painted Man fan Ricky shows off his head art

Save Peter V Brett from our questions!

Peter V Brett is coming in to the Voyager evil HQ tomorrow to have lunch with our Cabin Crew, the group of dedicated sf/f fans that wander around the building searching for the next 11-book series. We’ve prepared some questions for Peter, author of The Painted Man and The Desert Spear, and if you have any to add, just post them below and we’ll ask:

  1. Is it necessary to be bearded if you are a male fantasy author?
  2. What are your plans once the Demon Cycle series is finished?
  3. How do you draw a line between your public profile and your private one when you share with fans?
  4. What did you have for breakfast today?
  5. Did you know that there are dropbears in Australia?


Peter V Brett on The Desert Spear

Peat on The Desert Spear, filmed in London (this video – not the book!)

The Desert Spear is out NOW across Australia and New Zealand.

For more from Peter, visit his website Peephole in My Skull, and while there it’s well worth reading the guest post on the new image on his website (but beware, it does contain DS spoilers).

Peter V Brett to write Red Sonja

If you’re not already following author of The Desert Spear and The Painted Man Peter V Brett on Facebook and getting this information direct, you should be! He’s going to be writing Red Sonja for Dynamite Comics.


A slight glimpse into Peat’s feelings for comics is below:

Yes, he collects comics

 Quick summary of Peat’s blog post (as written by Peat):

‘I’ve always wanted to write comics.

I’ve always loved Red Sonja.

I write fantasy. Red Sonja is a fantasy book.

I am known in some circles for writing strong female characters. You don’t get much stronger than the She-Devil with a Sword.

I love redheads, swordfighting, and scantily clad women. Check, check, and check.

I think this is a match made in heaven.’

 We agree!

2010: the year of amazing sequels

Here’s a list of some of the glorious sequels we’re expecting in 2010:

The Risen Queen by Duncan Lay – out now!
Sequel to: The Wounded Guardian (The Dragon Sword Histories)

Earth to Hell by Kylie Chan – out now!
First book in the Journey to Wudang trilogy, following the Dark Heavens trilogy

At the Gates of Darkness by Raymond E Feist – out now!
Sequel to: Rides a Dread Legion (Demonwar Saga)


Griffin’s Flight by K J Taylor
Sequel to: The Dark Griffin (The Fallen Moon trilogy)

Strange Attractors by Kim Falconer
Completing the Quantum Enchantment trilogy and following Arrows of Time 

Wizard Squared by K E Mills
Last book of the Rogue Agent trilogy, following Witches Incorporated


Stormlord Rising by Glenda Larke
Sequel to The Last Stormlord (Watergivers trilogy)

Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb
Sequel to The Dragon Keeper (The Rain Wild Chronicles)

The Desert Spear by Peter V Brett
Sequel to The Painted Man (The Demon Cycle)


Shalador’s Lady by Anne Bishop
The follow up to The Shadow Queen


The Infinity Gate by Sara Douglass
Completing the Darkglass Mountain trilogy and following Twisted Citadel


The Reluctant Mage by Karen Miller
Sequel to The Prodigal Mage (Fisherman’s Children series)

We’ll have a list of our upcoming debut novels this year coming soon, in the mean time, we hope you’ve got plenty to look forward to!