• Fiona McIntosh: Voyager Author of the Month

    Fiona McIntosh was born and raised in Sussex in the UK, but also spent early childhood years in West Africa. She left a PR career in London to travel and settled in Australia in 1980. She has since roamed the world working for her own travel publishing company, which she runs with her husband. She lives in Adelaide with her husband and twin sons. Her website is at www.fionamcintosh.com.

    Her latest book, The Scrivener's Tale, is a stand-alone and takes us back to the world of Morgravia from her very first series, The Quickening:

    About The Scrivener's Tale:

    In the bookshops and cafes of present-day Paris, ex-psychologist Gabe Figaret is trying to put his shattered life back together. When another doctor, Reynard, asks him to help with a delusional female patient, Gabe is reluctant... until he meets her. At first Gabe thinks the woman, Angelina, is merely terrified of Reynard, but he quickly discovers she is not quite what she seems.

    As his relationship with Angelina deepens, Gabe's life in Paris becomes increasingly unstable. He senses a presence watching and following every move he makes, and yet he finds Angelina increasingly irresistible.

    When Angelina tells Gabe he must kill her and flee to a place she calls Morgravia, he is horrified. But then Angelina shows him that the cathedral he has dreamt about since childhood is real and exists in Morgravia.

    A special 10th Anniversary edition of her first fantasy book, Myrren's Gift, will be released in December!



Energy Follows Thought – Kim Falconer

In the prologue to The Spell of Rosette, Jarrod shares an epiphany. He repeats it in Arrows of Time on page 93. It’s short—only three words—but it is the foundation for the technological hegemony of 24th century Earth, and the magical hegemony of Gaela as well.

He says, ‘energy follows thought.’

This is what makes it possible for Janis to bring online a sentient computer, for Jarrod to create a tulpa (thought form) body, for Nell to shape-shift and for Rosette to blast a wall apart when she tries to light a candle. The idea is simple really—where we direct our thoughts, life follows.

I learned this from my first astrology teacher many decades ago. She laid it out in three steps.

1. Everything is energy.
2. Energy is directed by consciousness.
3. Consciousness is directed by thought.

Hermes and Pegasus, Andrea Mantegna, 1496 Part of the Parnassus painting

Hermes and Pegasus, Andrea Mantegna, 1496 Part of the Parnassus painting

Astrologically, these notions are the domain of Mercury—messenger of the gods. Because Mercury rules conscious (what we think and what we think we think) getting into alignment with this planet can put our lives on fast track, making it easier to actualise our goals and follow our bliss. Here are some hints for directing thought in this August eclipse season.

Aries: The eclipse season brings new creative opportunities! Think about what you want and why you want it. Know this and anything’s possible.

Taurus: Home, family and security are areas of life stirred up right now. Think about practical matters—food , sex, pleasure, peace and commitment.

Gemini: The partial eclipse suggests a month of non-stop action. Think about what you want to send, receive, communicate, revamp and restore.

Cancer: This season brings financial patterns to the fore. Think about money as you do air. Would you ponder where your next breath comes from?

Leo: If insecurity creeps into your relationship life there is only one cure—self-love. Think about being as good to yourself as you would a most cherished friend.

Virgo: The eclipse season awakens your imagination and you can use this energy for creative change. Think about, ‘what if . . .’ as often as possible.

Libra: Friends, associates and colleagues all have a different view right now. Think less about ‘should’ and more about ‘feel good.’

Scorpio: Career, mission and profession are spotlighted by recent eclipse activity. Think about doing what you love, and only what you love.

Sagittarius: If you have to know ‘how’ a thing will happen—it’ll trip you up. Methodology concerns sap energy. Think about allowing instead of forcing.

Capricorn: Shared resources, issues of power and control beat an unerring path to your door. Did you forget you wanted this? Think about sorting wheat and chaff.

Aquarius: Relationships morph into unrecognizable shapes reminiscent of Stoker, Shelley and Wilde. Deep breaths. Think about the insights you’re gaining!

Pisces: The eclipse magic is working on you from the inside out. The tendency is to run away. You might want to think about changing that.

Kim Falconer is the author of The Spell of Rosette and Arrows of Time, books one and two in the Quantum Enchantment series. She also runs Falcon Astrology and practises what she speaks about!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the horoscope! I have been eminently practical today (as a Taurean) 🙂 setting up a bank account and getting a mobile phone sim.
    I wonder, can you think too much about something too? Because I sometimes overthink things and then go overboard worrying and I think I mess up my energy that way! 🙂 So maybe I need a ‘think less about’ instruction!

  2. Hi Nat,

    You make such a good point. Thanks for bringing it up. We know we are thinking ‘too much’ when the vibe shifts from ‘curious-interest-productive’ to ‘worry-panic-spin-out’. And you’re right, worry messes up energy big time because as we worry we put our focus on what we don’t want, what we fear.

    Cures for worry all centre around ‘taking the charge off’ the thought. The trick is to know what the concern really is, so awareness is the first step–recognize what you’re fretting about. I’m worried about paying this bill for example, isn’t really worry about ‘money’–it’s about what money represents. That might be peace or a sense of worth or power. So really, it’s I’m worried about losing peace (or worth or power). The way to stop worrying in this case isn’t to try and make more money; it’s to do things that bring a sense of peace.

    They can be so simple–a walk in the gardens,an afternoon nap, a favorite cup of tea, a chat with a friend, a good book, a hot bath, a film, a poem, a shared meal. The idea is to give ‘worry thoughts’ a holiday and immerse in the feelings that sooth and ‘prove’ to yourself that you do, indeed, have peace in your life.

    Taurus loves to use the five senses so things like aroma therapy, candles, flowers, art, music, writing, yoga, meditation and dance–anything sensual–can keep those worry thoughts from going overboard. If you catch the ‘worries’ before they become a cacophony in the mind, you can get on with enjoying life to the fullest.

    Worries are, after all, just thoughts we keep thinking. We can all reach for a better thought!

    It’s good to hear from you on the other side of the world!

    🙂 Kim

  3. Kim & Nat – Great topic! I like your practical approach. (I’ve got some Mercury/Taurus action too.)

    I’ve been finding that when the part of me that KNOWS all is well remains present but stands back and allows the discordant part to have its full experience I can get down to what’s really bothering that unhappy part of me. Interesting how those inner beings are often happy to give up their old ideas once they’ve been given full voice. And then we ALL get to go for a hike! 🙂

    “Allowing without judgment.” That’s the phrase I heard from some writer/astrologer 🙂 that perfectly describes this process for me.

    Kim, so happy to see these blogs again – thanks.

    • Hi Myrna,

      Yes, allowing without judgment is the sweet spot 🙂 And it’s a good reminder when it comes to letting the ‘discordant part’ have its full experience. We know that ‘what we resist persists,’ so expression, even cathartic outpouring, can be a very creative process.

      I find sometimes (with my Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini) that the discordant part can rave on and on until the cows come home. Recently I ‘let it have it’s say’ and after a few days of constant stampeding inner dialog from this ‘sub personality’ I said, ‘are you done yet for demon’s sake?’

      It was not.

      That’s when I started finding ways (Gemini ways) to distract my train of thoughts. The perpetual derail was just not serving. So I talked about other things, wrote about other things, watched movies about other things, and in between I would check in to see how the ‘discordant’ part was going and each time it was still chasing it’s tail. Eventually, it slowed down, relaxed and realised everything was all right. Phew.

      It’s important to distinguish between thinking thoughts that do not serve us (out of habit or lack of awareness)and allowing for the passionate outpouring that is a creative release. Usually we can intuitively tell the difference, if we get, as you say, a greater perspective.

      Thanks for contributing!

      🙂 Kim

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