• Fiona McIntosh: Voyager Author of the Month

    Fiona McIntosh was born and raised in Sussex in the UK, but also spent early childhood years in West Africa. She left a PR career in London to travel and settled in Australia in 1980. She has since roamed the world working for her own travel publishing company, which she runs with her husband. She lives in Adelaide with her husband and twin sons. Her website is at www.fionamcintosh.com.

    Her latest book, The Scrivener's Tale, is a stand-alone and takes us back to the world of Morgravia from her very first series, The Quickening:

    About The Scrivener's Tale:

    In the bookshops and cafes of present-day Paris, ex-psychologist Gabe Figaret is trying to put his shattered life back together. When another doctor, Reynard, asks him to help with a delusional female patient, Gabe is reluctant... until he meets her. At first Gabe thinks the woman, Angelina, is merely terrified of Reynard, but he quickly discovers she is not quite what she seems.

    As his relationship with Angelina deepens, Gabe's life in Paris becomes increasingly unstable. He senses a presence watching and following every move he makes, and yet he finds Angelina increasingly irresistible.

    When Angelina tells Gabe he must kill her and flee to a place she calls Morgravia, he is horrified. But then Angelina shows him that the cathedral he has dreamt about since childhood is real and exists in Morgravia.

    A special 10th Anniversary edition of her first fantasy book, Myrren's Gift, will be released in December!



Fallon Friday: Phobias

I have a friend who is afraid of turkeys. She was attacked by one as a child, apparently, and is so terrified you can make her squeal by saying “gobble gobble” and she has to leave the room if the Wild Turkey ad comes on TV.

Discovery of this fact prompted an entire afternoon this week wasted searching the internet for the correct name of a turkey phobia.

I didn’t find it, btw, but I did compile a fairly impressive list of other phobias, more than one of which, I suspect, is not entirely genuine.

• Ailuropyrophobia — fear of kittens or cats
• Arachibutyrophobia — fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth (seriously)
• Saukuraphobia — Fear of getting beat up by Japanese schoolgirls. (Methinks this one might not be genuine)
• Phoia — fear of the letter b
• A++++++++++++phobia — fear of getting anything other than positive feedback on eBay.
• Megacaninaphobia — fear of big dogs
• Agyrophobia — fear of streets or crossing the street
• Hobia — fear of the letter P
• Anuptaphobia — fear of staying single
• Smegophobia — fear of English Sci-Fi parodies
• Atomosophobia — fear of atomic explosions (a perfectly reasonable phobia, I would have thought)
• Apeirophobia— fear of infinity
• Bufonophobia — fear of toads
• Lordofthephobias — fear of Tolkien
• Acophobia — fear of ugliness
• Phobiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa — fear of cats on the keyboard (tee-hee)
• Coulrophobia — fear of clowns
• Harpaxophobia— fear of being robbed (a phobia I’m well on the way to developing)
• Aibohphobia — fear of palindromes
• Pteronophobia — fear of being tickled by feathers (yup, it’s a phobia)
• Sesquipedalophobia — fear of long words (Exactly how do you tell someone you’re suffering from this?)
• Triskaidekaphobia — fear of the number 13 (had to put this one on the list, because Thirdborn could spell it by the time he was 13)
• Alektorophobia — fear of chickens (the closest we could get to turkeys, and the purpose of this whole silly exercise)

And my all time favourite —

• Superphobia — the fear of leaping tall buildings in a single bound… and missing:)

Jennifer Fallon is the author of four fantasy series, the most recent being the Tide Lords quartet. The Chaos Crystal, book four of the Tide Lords series, came out this month and is available across all good Australian book shops.

6 Responses

  1. Love the ‘Phoia’ and ‘Hobia’ ones. 🙂 And so much easier to say than the one for fear of number 13.
    Fear of acts of keyboard -oh yes, can relate to that one too. 🙂

    btw -this March has a Friday 13th, so a very topical post.

  2. Yes, Friday the 13th cops a lot of neg attention. Friday, Venus’s day–sensual, lushes and fecund–mixed with 13, the number of lunar months, a sign of the sacred feminine…it was all a little much for our early paradigm builders.

    My friend Mystic Medusa says it like this:

    Two Friday 13ths In A Row

    🙂 Kim

  3. I liked Hobia too – especially because someone suffering from that would not be able to use the ‘p’ word to describe themselves (phobia).

  4. By the way, I was pleased to see someone stumbled on the blog by looking up ‘phobias turkeys’.

  5. I have the same phobia and was also looking for the same technical name for a phobia of turkeys but all i came across was fear of thanksgiving…

    The reason I’m scared of Turkey’s is also the same and I can’t watch them on TV either, I have to run away when i see one on a farm and even on TV. I get teased a lot for it too. Especially by my parents. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  6. i have a fear for turkey legs…. drumsticks, the ones you find at the fair…… and i can’t find a name for it!… i can be near a living turkey or any bird, but i can’t even see a picture of a drumstick without freaking out!!..

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