• Fiona McIntosh: Voyager Author of the Month

    Fiona McIntosh was born and raised in Sussex in the UK, but also spent early childhood years in West Africa. She left a PR career in London to travel and settled in Australia in 1980. She has since roamed the world working for her own travel publishing company, which she runs with her husband. She lives in Adelaide with her husband and twin sons. Her website is at www.fionamcintosh.com.

    Her latest book, The Scrivener's Tale, is a stand-alone and takes us back to the world of Morgravia from her very first series, The Quickening:

    About The Scrivener's Tale:

    In the bookshops and cafes of present-day Paris, ex-psychologist Gabe Figaret is trying to put his shattered life back together. When another doctor, Reynard, asks him to help with a delusional female patient, Gabe is reluctant... until he meets her. At first Gabe thinks the woman, Angelina, is merely terrified of Reynard, but he quickly discovers she is not quite what she seems.

    As his relationship with Angelina deepens, Gabe's life in Paris becomes increasingly unstable. He senses a presence watching and following every move he makes, and yet he finds Angelina increasingly irresistible.

    When Angelina tells Gabe he must kill her and flee to a place she calls Morgravia, he is horrified. But then Angelina shows him that the cathedral he has dreamt about since childhood is real and exists in Morgravia.

    A special 10th Anniversary edition of her first fantasy book, Myrren's Gift, will be released in December!



In the land of Cymria, humans and griffins rule side by side

Yesterday we had a very special guest come in – author K J Taylor. Katie will be published by Voyager in 2009, her first book The Dark Griffin is scheduled to come out in August 09. She came in to meet our marketing, sales, publicity and publishing team and told us about The Dark Griffin, how she came up with the idea (standing at the top of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania!) and how she wrote it (first draft in two months!!). She also brought in a very fabulous mascot griffin, which we have yet to name … any ideas?

Young Nameless the Griffin makes a home for himself in our tallest tree

Young Nameless the Griffin makes a home for himself in our tallest tree

What’s extra cool is that Katie actually made the griffin! Yes, the Taylor is a tailor! Katie will be blogging for Voyager next year (and 2009 is only a few weeks away now) and she’s also written some fantastic short stories set in the world of her books which we’ll be putting up closer to publication. Watch this space, and beware of low-flying griffins.

7 Responses

  1. I love Griffins and I can’t wait to read K J Taylor’s stories. Wonderful!

    And what a gorgeous specimen in the tree. She needs a name? What about Grya, for the sound she makes when she’s hungry?

    Best wishes all,

  2. “Nameless” is CUTE!!!

    He is hereby known as Peter Griffin.

  3. Jason, are you trying to say that our griffin is fat, hates Meg (who doesn’t) and hilariously funny?!
    It’s interesting that Kim’s gone for a female and Jason’s chosen male!
    I’ll have to put these names (and any others) to the vote! They will make good additions to my list of: Griff, Gryffindor (although Katie said she deliberately stayed away from the ‘y’ spelling of griffin), Gruff, and other such unimaginative derivations!

  4. I heard it can be difficult to tell the sex a young griffin, though this lovely feels female to me. Katie, can you confirm? It might help with the suggestions. Or do griffins have androgynous names?

    Please tell us more!!!

    🙂 Kim

  5. Actually, since the griffin has no ear-plumes it must be a female. I have some feathers from a top-knot pigeon’s crest at home – I use those to make the plumes but it’s tricky.

    I had a great time meeting you all – you guys were so nice; I felt right at home.

    Heading for home on Friday; I’ll start making more griffins when I get there. 😀

    PS: Re griffin names, most of them have names in their own language – some examples for you here:

    Raekae (male)
    Skraed (female)
    Senneck (female)
    Eekrae (male)
    Aenae (male)


  6. Okay, well I think I shall have to finally make a poll – have been threatening to for a while. Jason, I think ‘Peter Griffin’ is out after Katie’s explanation :-).
    Katie, it was lovely to meet you too – we were very happy you could come in!

  7. My pleasure!

    I’ve done a blog entry of my own over here:


    Now to go out and buy more furry material…

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